Book launch

The book launch was a great night – thanks so much to everyone who came, to Bernadette for introducing the evening and the book, and to Louisa at Hachette and Louise and all the Dymocks staff who organised the launch and the catering and made everything run so smoothly on the night. It was a great venue, and I really appreciate the support of the Dymocks owners and staff both for my book, and for the genre as a whole.

I only have a few photos so far, none of which convey the size of the crowd or the venue, but here they are:

Valerie Parv and Bronwyn Parry

Valerie Parv, who graciously launched the book, with me.

Me, with Valerie and Bernadette Foley.

Bronwyn Parry signing \'As Darkness Falls\'

Signing books.

Thanks to everyone who bought a book or who just came along and celebrated with me. It was a magical night because of you all.

8 thoughts on “Book launch

  1. Hi Bron:
    Launch was very exciting and we are all thrilled with your success. Waiting for Colleen to finish the book so I can get at it. It probable will not surprise you that I haven’t had much experience with romance novels. I am currently reading a Wilbur Smith which I picked up to enhance my Africa travels. The romance is a side event to the main plot of the book. So yours will be officially my first. All sorts of analogies spring to mind but I think I’ll stick with painting!

  2. Congratulations on a great novel and an enjoyable night. Emailing some photos of the night I took.
    Love Anne

  3. Thanks, Steve, Kate, Anne, Nic, and Theresa! I think I’m still on a bit of a high, even more than a week later!

  4. Hi Bron, I loved the book and can’t wait for the next one.
    It held me captive for three days until I finished it. Lance said i should tell you it must have been good çause I was shedding a tear or two at the breakfast table reading.
    Lance is now going to attempt to read it. the last book he actually finished was Harry Potter 3.
    Love to all

  5. Hi Anne! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the book! Thanks for letting me know. I hope Lance likes it, too.


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