It’s real

(I thought I’d actually posted this on Sunday – but must have just pressed ‘save’ rather than ‘publish’. Oops.)

I didn’t get into town on Thursday after all, as a thunderstorm started as I was getting ready to go, and I didn’t want to leave the dogs outside during it. I didn’t have anything urgent to do, so I went in on Friday instead – and also had to go in yesterday, as well.

My book is in the shops 🙂 It’s quite a special buzz, to see it on the shelves in the bookshops and in Big W and K-Mart. Big W even has a promotion for it on their in-store radio, which happened to air just as I was walking towards the book section. Dymocks, who are hosting the local launch event next Thursday evening, have it prominently displayed right beside the front entrance. I know they’ve sold at least two copies – I minded my friend Danielle’s wool shop for a few minutes on Friday while she went up to buy it, and yesterday my friend Martin asked me to wait while he bought it so that I could sign it for him, as he can’t make it on Thursday.

I’m definitely going to have to practise writing by hand again – I’m so used to using the computer these days, that my handwriting takes effort to keep readable!