Not really here

This is me, hiding from my manuscript, so it can’t find me….

Yesterday wasn’t the best writing day. I ended up scrapping most of what I’d written the previous day, and agonising over how to bring various threads and plot points together into the final act. I still haven’t got all the answers, but I think I finally made some progress – in my head, anyway. I’ve still got to get it down on paper screen.

This morning, I’m going to take a bit of a break and go into town – I haven’t left our place, so haven’t seen anyone but Gordon, since Monday. The grocery shopping needs doing, so I volunteered – yes, the exciting life of a writer, when the grocery shopping becomes a break from routine! Although I’ll probably have morning tea in my regular cafe, as well.

Oh, and the photo is of an echidna. We have a few on our place – Gordon has seen three at the same time – so we see them reasonably often. This one is hiding from me and the dogs. I did leave the dogs some distance away, so I could wait quietly nearby to get a better photo – but just as it decided it might be safe to move, my camera battery died.

And to finish this on a positive note, I have walked in the treadmill EVERY morning for 16 days in a row now. (So, I’d better go now and get on it and make it 17 days in a row…)

3 thoughts on “Not really here

  1. I’m sorry your ms is giving you trouble… but oh boy, I love all the pictures you post with wild life and plant life around your home.

    Here is wishing you smoother sailing today and the next day and the next day and…


  2. Bronwyn — Your echidna I love. I’ve privately hoped to find an echidna or two in our garden if for no other reason I’m becoming obsessed with counting ant numbers and would love to have them bullied. Recently I’ve been finding little deep-clawed holes, too narrow for the known occupants. I was becoming ‘echidna’ excited until one of the bandicoots decided not to be so shy. I’m ‘bandicoot’ excited and still living in hope. —- Now, writing. No sympathy; perhaps a tiny sprinkle. But it won’t last you’ll need to lift your game to remain ‘my’ hero. (I’m very fickle). When it comes to reading I’m like an echidna I’m won’t eat apple pie and if I did I’d want fresh cream.

    Happy writing Bronwyn, enjoy the coffee. Gee I wonder. I always look forward to escaping the supermarket (for a break) after thirty seconds in there. —- Eric (in waiting)

  3. Bronwyn,

    Today had an email from my US friend to whom I’d sent “As Darkness Falls”. She enjoyed it (must have, she read it in one day!).

    Just had my critique group here (the famous HOGS), and one of them eagerly nabbed my copy.

    Bron B3

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