Autumn Colour

Autumn has settled in; although we haven’t, yet, had a frost, the evenings and mornings are decidedly cooler, and the days are growing shorter. The past couple of days have had an edge of chill – and the University (where I’m working part-time this semester) has tuned the heating system on. We haven’t lit the fire at home so far, but I have started wearing my wool jumpers (that’s ‘sweaters’ in American), and we turn the electric blanket on to warm the bed before bedtime.

In town yesterday afternoon, I caught these flashes of colour against the dark grey sky.

Autumn colour - Beardy Street, Armidale

Autumn colour - Beardy Street, Armidale

Banner against autumn sky. Beardy Street, Armidale

Banner against autumn sky. Beardy Street, Armidale

Most Australian native trees aren’t deciduous, but Armidale has many plantings of non-natives in the streets, many of them chosen for their Autumnal colour displays, as we do have the advantage of four distinct seasons here – unlike many Australian towns and cities.

I’m not sure what the banners are celebrating – but they were all through the Beardy Street pedestrian mall, and looked great fluttering against the grey sky.

And it did occur to me, as I was taking the photos, how nice it is to be in a built landscape where the sky is so visible, and isn’t crowded by high-rise buildings.

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  1. Bronwyn

    I love the photos I agree it is getting cooler in the mornings and evenings here in Sydney as well but the days are still warm although we have had a lot of rain.

    Have Fun

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