Dark Country preview

It’s now just a month before Dark Country will be released in Australia and New Zealand. Yes, I’m getting excited!

The official back cover description is:

Most people in the small town of Dungirri have considered Morgan ‘Gil’ Gillespie a murderer for eighteen years, so he expects no welcome on his return. What he doesn’t expect is the discovery of a woman’s tortured body in the boot of his car, and new accusations of murder.

Wearied by too many deaths and doubting her own skills, local police sergeant Kris Matthews isn’t sure whether Gil is a decent man wronged by life, or a brutal criminal she should be locking up. But she does know that he is not guilty of this murder – because she is his alibi . . .

Between organised crime, police corruption, and the hatred of a town, Gil has nowhere to hide. He needs to work out who’s behind the murder before his enemies realise that the one thing more punishing than putting him back in prison would be to harm the few people he cares about.

Kris is determined to help him, but will their search for the truth make her the next target?

For those who’d like a preview, you can now download Chapter 1 (.pdf file 408KB)  (And for Australian and NZ readers, it’s only another month before you can find out what happens next 🙂  )

As already mentioned, I am excited about this forthcoming release – but nervous, also. There’s been some great feedback about As Darkness Falls, so, like every author with their second book, I have moments of worry as to whether it will be received as well. However,  as I’m working on book 3, and preparing for two conferences in the next couple of weeks, I don’t have a lot of time to chew my fingernails and worry!

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