Dark Country – celebration give-away

To celebrate the upcoming release of Dark Country, and it’s inclusion in the Books Alive 2009 promotion, I’m going to give away two signed copies of the book.

How to enter? It’s easy!
Download Chapter 1 of Dark Country (.pdf file 408KB), then answer three simple questions in the form below – the answers can be found in the first few pages of the chapter.
1. What is the name of the town that Gil is driving to?
2. What is the name of the hill that blocks the radio and telephone signals?
3. What is the name of the police constable Kris asks Gil to contact?

Submit your entry by 10pm on 3rd September (Australian eastern time – which is evening on 2nd September in the wee small hours of the 3rd in the western US), and you’ll go into the draw with a chance to win – but please, only one entry per person! You don’t have to live in Australia to enter (I’ll post anywhere a postal system delivers to), and I won’t use your email address for anything other than notifying you if you win.

Edited @ 10.30pm 3rd September: This giveaway contest is now closed.

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