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  1. Question – did you plan on a spin-off to ADF when you were writing it? Maybe you had such great secondary characters it seemed to make sense? Or did your ed/agent say ‘ now do it again, Bron.’ ????? LOL

    BTW – wanted to share an extract of my WIP – Hope you enjoy it. Here goes:

    Gina enjoyed her own company – most likely an upshot of being an only child. The problem was, however, at home she would have a list of things to do a mile long. There were no lists for her here, nothing she had to do, no deadlines. Perhaps hiring one of those sun lounges to read a book would keep her distracted – and in the right way. It was an excellent book by all accounts – one of several she’d picked up and put down in recent months, never finishing any of them.

    That’s what I’ll do, she thought, and thanks to her proclivity for planning, she’d pack her knapsack before leaving her room this morning to save her the three-hundred-and-something steps back up to her hotel. If she hurried now, she could change in the toilet before the ferry docked.

    She threw back the flap on her knapsack and took a quick inventory – denim shorts, a white, cotton knit top, beach towel, jacket, her new digital camera and the latest Bronwyn Parry novel.
    Well done, Gina.

  2. Thanks, Laurie!

    Jenn, so sorry I missed responding to this for ages! Yes, I had in mind a loosely-linked series from reasonably early in writing ADF, although I wasn’t sure then (pre-publishing contract) if it would actually come about. But hoping there’d be more Dungirri books, I did pay attention to the secondary characters in ADF, and I knew Kris was already a wonderful, strong character who deserved her own story 🙂

    And I love your extract 🙂 I do hope Gina finishes her Bronwyn Parry novel – without frying to a crisp inthe sunshine!

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