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I’m ‘visiting’ Western Australia today, as a guest blogger on fellow author Fleur McDonald’s blog. I recently read Fleur’s first novel, Red Dust, and enjoyed it – set on a property in the north of South Australia, it has all the ingredients of a good story – a great setting, likeable characters, a crime to solve, and a touch of romance. So, please hop over, say hi to Fleur, and read my response to Fleur’s questions about why I write, how I write, and my what inspires me. Fleur will also be guest blogging here very soon.

I’m not quite sure where October went – whoosh! – but I did promise a giveaway draw for subscribers to my newsletter, as something of an apology for the newsletter software snafu in September. So, on Sunday, I’m going to draw one name from the list of subscribers, and that person will win their choice of a signed copy of BOTH my books, OR, if they already have both books, a gift certificate from a bookseller of their choice ($30US/$40Aus), OR a combination of a book plus a gift certificate ($15US/$20Aus). If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter, you can do so here (or click the link at the top of the page). I send out a maximum of one newsletter per month, and I respect your privacy and abhor spam, so I’ll never giveaway or sell your email address.

In general news, things have been quietly busy here. Most of my time is focused on writing book 3, which is moving along, although a little slower than I’d like. The hero, Mark, has been proving a little elusive; there’s a lot underneath his controlled public face, but he’s reluctant to let anyone see it. However, I’m now getting to know him much better, and finding out many interesting things about him – and so will the heroine, Kate ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I’d better get back to it, and settle in for, I hope, a productive day of writing! I’ll leave you with a few images from my recent morning walks. Our driveway is almost a kilometre long, so down to the gate and back is a reasonable amount of exercise. This morning, though, I hitched a ride with Gordon when he left for work, and hopped out another kilometre down our road, to walk back home. The combination of recent rain and warm spring weather has given a burst of green growth – but I’m sure it will brown off very quickly.

Down the driveway

Down the driveway

Old farm cottage

Old farm cottage

The neighbours cattle - who see few pedestrians!

The neighbours cattle - who see few pedestrians!

8 thoughts on “Guest blogs and giveaways

  1. Thanks to Fleur for bringing you to my attention. I’ll look out for your books next time I’m in town. Just one question, did winning the Golden Heart Award bring you to the attention of your Agent or did you find her independently? I’m at the closing stages of my first romantic suspense book but it’s not based in Australia, just debating the next step.

  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks for visiting. In answer to your question, just finalling in the Golden Heart award is pretty much as good as winning it, because when you can write that in a query letter, most agents and publishers are interested enough to ask to read the manuscript (assuming you’ve targeted an agent/publisher who deals with your genre!) In my case, there was media interest after I finalled, and it was a media report that my now-agent saw, which prompted her to contact me.

    Congratulations on being almost finished your romantic suspense book! Are you a member of the Romance Writers of Australia? if not, I highly recommend them – they have contest with constructive feedback, online groups, and great newsletters and conferences.

    All the best with your writing,


  3. Hi, Emmanuelle! I’m pleased you enjoy the photos. Hopefully you’ll get to visit here one day… just as I am planning to visit France sometime!

    Hi azteclady! Great to see you again – and yes, I owe you an email!! Book 3 is Mark’s book – he’s been so supportive through the other books, he needed to have a book of his own – and his life turned upside down ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Bron,

    I am so pleased we are going to hear Mark’s story!

    Look forward to it with baited breath.

    Meeting with you and Shannean in the alcove of the rooms proved to be such a spur on… I am well on my way to a Rom Suspense, have entered the High 5 and STALI (as you suggested!) so can’t wait to see what the feedback is!

    Thanks again for your kind words and support… it always makes all the difference to the struggle!

    PS GLORIOUS piccies…

  5. Hi Amanda! It’s great to hear that your manuscript is powering on! Good luck with the High 5 and the STALI – and good on you for entering. I always found the feedback to be very useful on RWAus contests – even if I didn’t always agree with it, it’s still interesting to see how different readers read and interpret your words.

    I’m glad so many people want to read Mark’s story… and I’ll be glad when I know how it’s all going to happen!!

  6. Hi Bron, loved Dark Country and very excited to hear Mark’s story will be your next book. You write such wonderfully rounded characters that even the minor players stay in my memory.

    And am very jealous of your lovely long driveway…


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