The Bronwyn Status Report

Bronwyn has asked post a quick update on her day’s visit to hospital.

It was a day filled, mostly, with nothing.  Just hanging around waiting for her turn with her neurosurgeon and his team.

After the neurosurgeon it was a trip to the nuclear medicine unit where they tracked blood flows through the use of radioactive isotopes.

All in all the experience took over 12 hours.  Bronwyn’s being kept in overnight just to make sure that nothing has been shaken loose in that head of hers.

In short, she’s fine and should be out of hospital tomorrow when, I’m sure, she can fill in some of the detail.


6 thoughts on “The Bronwyn Status Report

  1. Hi Gordon,

    Can you let Bron know that Fiona, Helene and I are thinking of her? We tried to send flowers, but that wouldn’t let her have them in ICU, so they cancelled our order.


  2. Tell Bron it’s bloody hard to type with my fingers crossed so I’m glad all is going well.

  3. Bron,

    Sounds like all is going OK in Sydney, and I hope the stay continues to go well. Am thinking of you (and praying) and am looking forward to hearing you’ve arrived home safely.

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