Perils of technology

This morning, one of my main gmail accounts was hacked, and a spam email sent out in my name to everyone I’ve ever sent or received an email from. Given it’s an account I’ve been using for years, that’s a LOT of people, so I am annoyed, frustrated, and embarrassed – to put it mildly!

As it’s also the account that blog comment notifications get sent to, it’s possible that people who’ve commented on this blog in the past may also have received the spam. If this is the case, I do apologise! The very last thing I want to send to my readers is spam email 🙁

I’ve been looking in to the problem, and it appears that quite a number of gmail accounts have been hacked. It doesn’t appear to be a virus, and from all accounts of similar circumstances, there seems to be no virus or other mal-ware in the spam email. I’ve changed passwords, tightened security settings (to strangulation level), and am keeping my eye on things, so I sincerely hope there’ll be no more problem!

Anyway, I do apologise sincerely if you received spam from me. And I do wish those hackers would get a real life – preferably spending their time reading good books instead of creating havoc and annoyance!

2 thoughts on “Perils of technology

  1. Hmmm, something weird happened to my email last night too. But I got an email from my father and from myself at another address.

    I guess at least I’m not alone in this!

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