Busily taking it easy…

Despite the silence here on the blog, I’m recovering well after my surgery! I can’t do as much as usual, and my concentration span is a little shorter, but I’m writing, crafting, and cooking, and going into town once or twice a week, and I can take the dogs for gentle afternoon strolls. I no longer need an afternoon nap every day, although some days I do still have one, and I’m definitely ready for bed by ten pm – unlike my usual night-owl self. But that’s all just part of the healing process.

The only hitch in my recovery is an infection in my leg, in the lower end of the incision where the vein was removed to go into my head. So, I’m on antibiotics for that, and fingers crossed they’ll beat the infection soon and that spot in my leg can heal up as well as the rest of my scars. Because of the swelling, I have to spend some time with my leg elevated – which is a bit of a challenge, as our seating arrangements don’t provide much in the way of comfortable spots to have my leg up while working or doing anything else. I am no good at doing nothing, and I find it hard to watch DVDs during the day – or at any time, without also knitting or keeping my fingers busy with some craft or other. I did watch the Keira Knightley DVD of Price and Prejudice on afternoon, but that’s been it for TV, other than watching the news of the horrendous flooding in Queensland the week before last.

Speaking of the flooding, I’ve donated a signed set of my two books to the Authors for Queensland Flood Appeal auction. There’s a fantastic array of items in the auction to bid on – signed books, mentoring sessions, manuscript assessments – so do go over and have a look! The auction finishes at 11pm on Monday, Australian time (early hours of Monday morning, US time), so there’s still a day left to bid! I’m amazed and delighted at the current bidding for my books – way beyond what I expected when I donated them. The flood appeal will benefit from the generosity of the bidders.

What else has been happening? A range of pleasant things:

A blue wren has been a frequent visitor just outside our sunroom. often tapping on the windows. He moves so fast it’s hard to get a decent photo, though!

Male Fairy Wren


The hydrangea cutting that I took from plants at Guyra Railway Station some years ago, put in a small pot, then neglected, and finally repotted in December, is now growing well and has a flower on it:

Hydrangea in flower

I’ve wanted to try my hand at making sourdough bread for a while, and the other week I started making the starter. My first loaf was very successful:

Sourdough bread

I’ve since made another loaf of plain sourdough bread, one sourdough fruit loaf, and today I made a sourdough chocolate cake – which is scrumptious!

I have been writing – although it’s not going as fast as I’d like. However, I decided about 10 days ago that one of the reasons I was having difficulties was because some aspects of the plot needed reworking, so I’ve spent the past week going through the manuscript and doing that. I also had a good idea about how to weave in an aspect of the hero’s back story into the crimes he has to solve, making the link more focused and intense. So, progress is being made!

All up, the recovery time is passing mostly pleasantly, and we’re coping with me not being able to drive, thanks to Gordon’s willingness to make the 55km round trip in his lunchtime to bring me home again after doctor’s appointments, and the kindness and generosity of friends who have helped out the same way. I’ll see the specialist in Sydney for my post-surgery check up on Feb 7th, and hopefully I’ll get the all-clear to drive after that!


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  1. It is great to know that you are doing so well, Bronwyn–and I am waiting, with a lot of impatience, to read the book you are writing now. I believe it’ll be worth the wait, but still…

    Keep on taking it easy!

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