Mothers’ Day giveaway

It’s Mother’s Day, and I hope that all the mothers amongst my friends and readers are enjoying some special time with the family this weekend, and being at least a little bit spoiled!

I wanted to do a Mother’s Day giveaway, but unfortunately I don’t have spare copies of my books on hand at present, and I was also thinking it would be nice to have a small ‘thank you’ giveaway for those wonderful people who have read my books! Yesterday I spent a little time in our warm sunroom, playing with beads (it’s lovely to do something creative that doesn’t take months to complete!) and it occurred to me that I could give away some handmade earrings. They’re nothing very special or valuable – no diamonds or real pearls, but there’s some crystals in some of them, and they’re all glass beads, not plastics. And they’re just a little sparkly fun, for those who like dangly earrings.

Handmade glass bead earringsHandmade glass bead earrings

Handmade glass bead earringsHandmade glas bead earrings

So, if you’ve read one of my books, and you’d like to go into the draw to win one of five pairs of earrings, use the form birth control below to answer either of the following questions:

A) In chapter 3 of As Darkness Falls, Bella learns something surprising about her aunt, Delphi O’Connell. What is it?


B). While in Jeanie’s café in chapter 2 of Dark Country, Gil learns that he has a relation in Dungirri. Who is she?

I hope I’ve made these questions about significant enough plot points that they’re easy to answer! Pop your answer in the form before Tuesday 10 May, and let me know which two pairs of earrings you like in order of preference (I can make duplicates or variations of some, but not all as I’m running low on some beads.) I’ll draw 5 names out of a hat/bowl/box on Wednesday and post off the earrings by Friday.

Entry is open to everyone; I will post these overseas. But do please be fair to others and enter only once. The form asks for your email address, but I promise that I won’t be giving away, selling, or distributing your email to anyone.

Edit: form removed as contest over.