Dead Heat cover

The cover for Dead Heat is now final – and it’s stunning!

Cover - Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry

I am so thrilled with it. The draft was great, and everyone who’s seen it liked it – but the designer has tweaked a few things and made it even better. I am so looking forward to seeing it on the book itself, in just a few weeks!

7 thoughts on “Dead Heat cover

  1. It is absolutely gorgeous Bron! Love it – can’t wait to read the pages within it’s beauty!!!

    Amanda x

  2. Thanks, Amanda – hope the pages live up to the cover!

    Helene, yes, the designer has done a fantastic job – I’m so pleased with it!

  3. The colour contrasts are awesome – brown & white for title & name, the sunset & tree silhouette – stunning! 😀

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