Good news – reprints!

It’s lovely to finish the week with some good news. I knew last week that my publisher is printing more of As Darkness Falls, as it was out of stock at the distributor. But I was told yesterday that they’re also printing more of Dead Heat, and also more of the re-issue of Dark Country that came out last month.

Thank you to all my readers for your support for my books!

5 thoughts on “Good news – reprints!

  1. Dear Bronwyn, have just finished DEAD HEAT. We both loved AS DARKNESS FALLS & DARK COUNTRY, but believe you’ve excelled yourself with Dead Heat! I believe what we like most about yours, and the many other Aussie girl writers, is being able to relate to where the stories are depicted. I’ve worked in many of the areas and towns depicted in your stories, or travelled through them many times. In 1958, when I was almost 17, I worked on a Sheepstation near the little town of DELUNGRA. Worked in a Panelbeaters shop with my eldest brother in WARIALDA. All only about 200km from TAMWORTH, ( mentioned many times in Dead Heat!). The stories you girls are telling are not,”Chicks Stories”, just bloody good yarns that just happen to be written by ‘Chicks’. Jan and I recently had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Karly Lane, who wrote NORTH STAR. Another great writer, and the area she wrote about is familiar to both of us. My second eldest niece actually lives on a Cropping Property a few kms from the tiny town of North Star! It’s so great to be able to relate to areas we know intimately. We also attend the country music festival every year at Tamworth, having had a few of my Lyrics entered in th TSA song writers comps. with my good friend Darren Coggan. Anyway Bronwyn, we just thought you may appreciate the thoughts of a ‘Mere Male’. Keep up the great work, good luck, and may God bless and keep you from harm.( For more books.) Sincerely, Noel and Jan HILL.

  2. Thanks, Shelleyrae, Brenda and Jennifer!

    Noel and Jan, thank you so much for your lovely comments – it’s wonderful to know that you’ve both enjoyed my books. I’ve travelled through and visited Delungra and Warialda many times; although the towns in my books are fictional, I do use real landscapes for inspiration – you might recognise some places!

    I’m delighted to hear that you’ve met Karly – isn’t she lovely? She’s in my writing group and we’re good friends – and I loved reading North Star, and am looking forward to her next book. Happy travelling – and reading – to you both!

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