Wednesday was a wonderful day – a mini-holiday to one of my favourite places, with some of my favourite people!

I left home shortly after 8am, heading east across the tablelands to Ebor, then winding along the ridges towards the Dorrigo Plateau. The sun shone, the road was quiet, and the views were gorgeous – it is a beautiful landscape. Particularly along the ridges, the road is narrow with not a lot of stopping places, so getting photographs can be a challenge – but I have found one stretch with views where it is safe to pull over to the (narrow) side.

Mountain views near Dorrigo, New South Wales

(I’ve used the zoom lens so the view is a little shortened in this photo).

From Dorrigo, it’s down the winding narrow mountain road to the township of Bellingen – relaxed, sunny, with plenty of cafés to enjoy meeting up with writing friends:

Karly Lane, Diane Curran, Bronwyn Parry, Jenn J McLeod, Helene Young in Bellingen

From right to left – romantic thriller author Helene Young, Jenn McLeod (watch for her debut novel next year!), me, Diane Curran (she’ll have a debut novel soon too, I’m sure!), rural romance author Karly Lane , and Jeanette McA, cheerleader, supporter, and great friend to us all.

Then it was off to Bellingen Library, where fantastic librarian Sharon Uthman hosted an author talk with Helene, Karly and me. Very relaxed, a lot of fun, and some great questions from the audience.

Helene Young, Bronwyn Parry & Karly Lane at Bellingen Library

All in all, a thoroughly pleasant day! Thanks so much to Sharon for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to get together.

2 thoughts on “Bellingen

  1. What a great day (and what a lovely post). Weren’t we so lucky with the weather though given we are all freezing our tooshies off now. The Cairns girl coped well with the sort-of cold weather. Not sure she would have coped with this icy wind we have now.

  2. Love the photo!
    Landscapes like that are so inpsiring. My husband is trucking and I’m on the road with him soaking up the scenery. I’m in the United States and so far my favorite places are California and Arizona.
    Really jealous of your little writing group as well. Being on the road I don’t get that opportunity.
    Really glad to hear the talk went well 🙂

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