“Dear Ruth” – a free short story

I’m delighted that a (very) short story I wrote some years ago for the Woman’s Day magazine is now available as an ebook.

An author almost always knows more about characters than what goes it into a finished book, especially with secondary characters. This short story allowed me to introduce readers to two characters from Dungirri’s past mentioned only briefly in As Darkness Falls. The story stands alone – you don’t need to have read As Darkness Falls, but if you have, you may remember a few sentences here and there about Bella’s father, Patrick O’Connell. I loved writing Dear Ruth and having the chance to give you a glimpse of Patrick and Ruth’s love story.

Dear Ruth is already available for free on amazon.com and Google Play and I expect it will be available at other online sellers shortly. It also contains preview chapters of each of my books.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea, and imagine it’s billy tea, brewed on a campfire by a river in the Australian outback… I hope you enjoy Dear Ruth.