Friday Photos: Winter

The lovely thing about this climate is that, although we do get cold, frosty mornings, once the sun rises it quickly melts the frost, and we (usually) get crisp, clear, sunny days. (But writing novels set in high summer on the plains further west is a bit of a challenge during our winters!)

Friday Photo – and Feast!

I’m visiting the talented Cathryn Hein over on her blog today for her regular Friday Feast – so do come and join us for some sourdough fruit toast and a chance to win a copy of Dead Heat! Even the bread is smiling:   I didn’t get to take any photos today, other than sleeping…

Friday Photo: Sunset walk

I often walk the dogs in the western paddock just as the sun is setting, and I love the last golden rays of low, slanting sunlight through the bush:   My canine companions were relatively patient while I was waving the camera around. Skye has learned to ‘sit’ (and can do so for seconds at a…


I’ve certainly been on the road a fair amount the past few days – but it’s all been good! On Thursday, I headed down the escarpment to Bonville, almost on the coast, for the Christmas get-together of the RWA4PAN writing group – a delicious lunch that we all contributed to, and a fun few hours…

Morning walk

The sun burns off the last of the mist on a lovely late-autumn morning… … and at the end of the walk, there’s doggy treats… (If only she’d put that camera-thing away and give us the treats!!)