August Events

I know it’s been quiet around here – Looming. Book. Deadline. Not much happening to report on except staring at the screen and occasionally typing some words. Ah, the glamorous life of the author! However, this week and next I get to disengage from the computer for some events I’m looking forward to – and…

Bronwyn Parry speaking at launch of Dead Heat, Dymocks Armidale, 29th March 2012

Dead Heat Armidale Launch

The Armidale launch of Dead Heat was thoroughly fun – thank you to all my friends and the readers who came to celebrate with me, and especial thanks to Graeme, Susan, David and all the Dymocks staff for their seamless organising and hosting. Here are a few photos, courtesy of my friend Angie:  

Dead Heat Armidale Launch

It’s official – Graeme and the wonderful staff at my local Dymocks bookstore will help me launch Dead Heat on March 29th! After 2.5 years between books, I’m thrilled to have a new one almost out – so anyone who wants to come along and help me celebrate, please do! There wil be copies of…