I’m still here

Yes, it’s very slack of me to start a new blog and then neglect to actually post anything for ages. My apologies! As usual, things have been busy, and the brain has been full. I’ve now finished revisions AND copy edits on As Darkness Falls – the copy edits came a few weeks earlier than anticipated, so that threw my schedule out a little, but they’re now done and returned.

The cover – well, the cover is close to being finalised and I am over the moon with delight with what I’ve seen. Can’t reveal anything yet, but it’s definitely beautiful and impressive. My grin muscles are getting quite a workout, as everytime I look at it (a few gazillion times a day) I smile. Have I mentioned that it’s gorgeous?? The cover designer and the Hachette team have done a fantastic job.

In other writing news, book two is finally starting to find it’s re-plotted path. I still haven’t got the entire plot sorted out, but I’ve got enough to move forward, and I guess I’ll work out the rest as we go.

I’ve been very fortunate to have found a local police sergeant who has been extremely helpful in providing advice on police procedure. She answered a heap of questions for me when I was working on revisions to ADF, and then read the entire manuscript, and provided feedback. She’s also happy to help out with book two, which is wonderful.

As well as writing, I’m currently doing some casual work for UNE, including working with the mentor program with Year 12 students in the region who are doing the HSC English extension course. I’m one of four mentors who provide guidance and support to the students as they develop their major creative work, both through an online site, and in full-day workshops in April/May. I was involved with the workshop last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and am pleased to be a full part of the program this year. We’ve only been going for a week or so, but the projects that the students have so far posted about sound fantastic. There are some bright, interesting young people out there, and it’s a real pleasure and privilege to work with them.