My beautiful cover

Does this need any words??

As Darkness Falls - Bronwyn Parry book cover

I think it’s wonderful. I just want to keep gazing at it.

I’m in first book cover heaven.

(Edited to add – the problem with viewing and posting comments is now fixed – I hope!)

19 thoughts on “My beautiful cover

  1. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Woo-hoo, Bron, no wonder you keep gazing at it. It is everything you could want — the colours, the composition, your name in big, bold letters. Squeee!!!!


  2. Ooh, and I just noticed how perfectly it matches your header. Serendipitous or what?


  3. Congratulations Bronwyn.

    It’s warm, inviting, vast and mysterious. A gorgeous book cover – actually worthy of a poster I think. Is it a coincidence the colour scheme of your book cover happens to match your blog?

  4. Thank you, everyone, very much for all your lovely comments! Yes, I’ve been blessed with a publisher who wanted something wonderful for the cover, and who worked with wonderful cover artists to achieve it.

    Bron J and Sussan – it’s not a total coincidence that there’s common theme between the cover and the blog. I’ve been using the sunset photo and colour scheme for almost a year, as it really suits the setting and style of the book. The cover design also reflects that setting and style, and the title, which is what we were after. I had been intending to do a website redesign when teh cover was finalised, but now I probably only have to tweak a few things instead, because they do complement each other so well!

    Thanks again, everyone – it makes such a difference to be able to share the excitement with such a supportive and generous community.

    And yes – I still smile every time I look at the cover!

  5. It’s a wonderful cover, Bron. I’d be smiling too!

    Very evocative and her expression is intriguing…I want to know what put that little wry smile there. Guess I’ll have to read the book : ))

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