As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls will be out on the shelves in the next couple of days. Okay, I confess I checked a couple of bookshops today, just in case they had it out early, but there was no sign of it. It’s not supposed to be out until tomorrow or Thursday, so this is no major surprise. I will, of course, being a neurotic enthusiastic first-time author, check the airport bookshops tomorrow as I’m flying home, but they’re the only bookshops I’ll see for a day or two.

But what did happen today was that the book’s website went live –

Please do hop on over and have a look around. There are character profiles, an author Q & A, questions for reading groups to discuss, and you can download the first chapter to read.

After the fun, inspiring, and motivating weekend at the RWAustralia conference, I flew up to Canberra yesterday to see my Dad. My Mum came down to Melbourne for the book launch and stayed with me in the conference hotel for the weekend, attending the awards dinner on Saturday night, but my Dad isn’t strong enough now to travel that far. So, I’m having a couple of nights here with them. We went out to dinner tonight with my sister and her family, and had a thoroughly pleasant evening.

Tomorrow, I’m off home – two plane flights and about 5 hours of travelling all up, so not too much of an epic journey – all going well! Then from Thursday morning, it will be BICHOK: butt in chair, hands on keyboard, working on book 2. Although I might have to go into town to check a bookshop or two 🙂

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