I’m home from Sydney – my flight arrived late this afternoon, and DH picked me up from the airport. We drove home via the ‘scenic’ route – a country lane that loops around off the main road.

Now there’s just DH, me, and the two dogs in our little house, a mile or more from the nearest house. It’s dark outside, and all I can hear is the soft chatter of frogs, crickets, other insects, and the occasional moth tapping against the window. Very soon, I’ll walk outside to put the dogs in their run for the night, and stand under the stars in the darkness and the quiet.

I do enjoy a short stay in the city, but it is lovely to be home.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I know exactly what you mean.

    My brother stayed here for a week, and we spent hours out and about, and I had fun. But now he’s gone and I’m back to my homebody routine. I had missed that.

    I’m glad you are home and feeling better!

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