Afternoon walk

A short break from the computer for a late afternoon walk with the dogs: me, orchid hunting, ‘the girls’ much more interested in ‘roo poo and bunny poo sniffing. They found plenty of that, and I found a few orchids. The dogs even held still long enough for me to photograph a stem:

Hyacinth orchid (Dipodium punctatum)

Hyacinth orchid (Dipodium punctatum)

Then, back to the book. It’s progressing – not quite as fast as I’d like, but moving forwards.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon walk

  1. Oh thank you for sharing, Bron!

    I’m glad you are taking the time to recharge your creative batteries as needed. Now, I’ll be quiet over here while you write… *innocence*

  2. I’m sitting quietly, ‘hand-in-hand’ with Azteclady awaiting the new arrival. —- I’m developing an image of a Bronwyn who sleeps with a camera around her neck. —- Keep the head down; we’re relying on you to pull us out of the ordinariness that surrounds us. —- Eric

  3. Yes, azteclady, battery recharging is essential! There’s the daily walk on the treadmill (12 days in a row now – the best I’ve ever done!), an afternoon walk with the dogs, watching the fairy wrens in the garden through kitchen window while waiting for the kettle to boil, and about twice a week I go into town – even the grocery shopping is a bit of a break, when I usually see people I know, and stop to have a chat or a cuppa in a cafe. Mornings are my least creative time, so I tend to do non-writing things then, and use th afternoons/evenings for writing.

    Tomorrow I’m meeting my police friend for morning tea – she’s read the manuscript so far, so I’ll be picking her brains about a few things!

    Eric, I don’t sleep with the camera – but I do try to remember to take it when walking the dogs 🙂

    Now, I’d better get back to the manuscript 🙂

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