Blackthorn blossom

From this afternoon’s walk:

Australian blackthorn in blossom (Bursaria spinosa)

Australian blackthorn in blossom (Bursaria spinosa)

The native blackthorn is not a particularly pretty bush, particularly with it’s sharp spines, but it’s an important part of the ecology of this area, and we’re pleased we have a fair amount of it on our block. It’s the time of year when the sprays of tiny, star-shaped blossoms are coming out – and it is quite pretty in flower.

The writing continues – although I just cut out 200 of the words I wrote this afternoon. I may be able to put them somewhere else later, I’m not sure yet. Now it’s time to cook a quick dinner (fettucine and greens – broccoli, asparagus, green beans and spinach, with a touch of garlic, anchovies and chilli – yum!) and then I’ll be back to the computer for the evening session.

3 thoughts on “Blackthorn blossom

  1. I look forward to ‘my’ afternoon walk. ‘Our’ garden seems very pretty and relaxing. Dinner was a treat also. Happy writing. —- Eric

  2. Those are beautiful flowers! I love how often those ‘ugly’ plants have the most amazing blooms.

    And I want more of the fettuccine, I’m still hungry! 😉

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