It’s quiet in here…

My deadline for book 2 is less than 2 weeks away, so I’m working hard to finish it. Hence, not much else is happening in my life right now!

But a  short while ago when I took the dogs out for a walk, this was the view to the south-west of the house:

Sunset behind the trees

Sunset behind the trees

I love the sunsets here – but they do sometimes bring a stark reminder of the risk of bushfire.

However, tonight is a lovely night – warm, still, and peaceful. The sun has been gone for a while now, the waxing moon is hanging amongst the stars, and through my open study window I can hear a soft chorus of frogs and insects, with the occasional rustle of a rabbit or a possum.

So, I’d better draw on that peace and inspiration, and write some more words in my manuscript.

ETA: A few minutes after I posted this things got even more peaceful – and dark! We had another power failure, which lasted over an hour. It’s just as well my laptop battery was recharged. We always have candles at the ready, too, so I spent a quiet hour writing. I took the dogs out for a wee walk, and with the house lights off, the moonlight and moonshadows were lovely. It’s amazing how much light the moon provides on a clear night. But now we have power again, and are connected to the world, and it’s getting close to bed time – after we reset all the electronic clocks, for the second time this week!

4 thoughts on “It’s quiet in here…

  1. For a few minutes I did think it was a fire, yikes! Stay safe, woman!

    I love looking up at the sky at night when it’s only the moon and the starts–and even better when there’s no moon…

    Thank you for sharing with us, Bron.

  2. Bronwyn, I’m not going to interrupt a work in progress. No moon gazing, no romantic sunsets. A chair, screen, coffee and a supply of (dunking quality) Tim Tams for another two weeks. Oh and woolly fleece under the feet for inspirational comfort.

    It’s a date, you attend the Gold Coast and I’ll hand deliver my order.

    I’m not the distracting type (much). But did you know Tim Tams are actually named after the 1958 winner of the Kentucky Derby. (that’s for your American followers.)

    Good writing, (I’m relying on you) — Eric

  3. I’m sitting quietly, ‘hand-in-hand’ with Azteclady awaiting the new arrival. —- I’m developing an image of a Bronwyn who sleeps with a camera around her neck. —- Keep the head down; we’re relying on you to pull us out of the ordinariness that surrounds us. —- Eric

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