Jaffa (aka The Princess Dog) at her ease

Jaffa (aka The Princess Dog) at her ease

Everybody should have a human sofa to recline against 🙂

(A moment before this, she was totally relaxed, eyes closed, all four paws in the air – but then her sofa moved a bit to get it’s camera out. )

(This gratuitous dog photo brought to you by the fact that I’m not really blogging – I’m writing. Honestly.)

3 thoughts on “Relaxation

  1. Oh, I like —- Jaffa. A present —- When you can find a writer who needs a break and doesn’t mind getting her hands a little messed up. —-
    Now we will be able to establish if you’re truly loved. We both know ‘she’ doesn’t mind making treats for everyone else, at Christmas. —– Lady (Eric typed).

  2. Hi Dulcie! She’d just been fed, hence the smile 🙂

    Hi Lady – and Eric! Thanks for the recipe – although Jaffa agrees with Lady that it isn’t weeks’ worth 🙂 We’ll have to give it a try!

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