Two magical words…

I have finally, after a marathon writing effort, typed ‘The End’ on my manuscript.

I’m very tired – I’ve been working late most nights this past week – but I’m feeling pretty good about finishing, and reasonably happy with the manuscript as a whole. It still needs some work, but my publisher and agent have it now, and I’m looking forward (I think!!) to their feedback on it, so we can work on any weaknesses in the structural edits and polish it up.

My wonderful publishers have also been working on the cover for this book, and the roughs are looking gorgeous! I hope to be able to share them here (and the title…) within a week or two.

I’ve ignored pretty much everything in my life except writing this past week or two, so my apologies for not responding to comments etc. Normal blogging service will resume shortly, just as soon as I’ve caught up with a few things – like sleep! I actually start work at my local uni tomorrow – lecturing part-time in media studies – so life will continue to be a little busy.

Oh, and now that book 2 is done, the ideas for book 3 are starting to bubble away a little… I won’t start writing it just yet – uni work and edits on book 2 will occupy this month – but it’s fun to start thinking how the characters for it might evolve 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Theresa, Eric, and azteclady! It feels good to have reached the milestone – but there’s still revisions to go! No holiday for me, yet 🙂

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