Victorian bushfires

It’s been an anxious day here, watching the news as the bushfire devastation in Victoria unfolds. As I write, 65 people are confirmed dead, and 640 houses have been lost. The fires are still raging in many places in Victoria, including not far from where my cousins live. I don’t know how they’re faring; I don’t think the fire has hit their community yet, but it must be within just a few miles. Whether they’ve decided to stay, or to evacuate, I guess they’re going to have a long night – like so many others.

There are also fires in New South Wales, although not currently at the same level of devastation. But in one of those ironic contrasts that nature throws us, in far north Queensland a huge area is experiencing incredible flooding.

My heart goes out to all those impacted by the fires and the floods.

2 thoughts on “Victorian bushfires

  1. I have been watching the news, praying for all who have been affected. I hope all your family is okay *hug*

  2. Thanks, azteclady – yes, my cousins are fine. There’s still some threat to their place, but it’s been significantly reduced, so unless there’s radical wind changes, or temperatures climb up high again, they should be okay.

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