Confessions of a Bookaholic

One of the problems with being flat-out busy for the last three months or so, is that I haven’t done much reading. And one of the ‘problems’ about spending time on reading blogs and communities is that you hear about so many good books – books that are easy to either buy online, or pick up in the local bookshop. And one of the ‘problems’ of going to conferences is that you get free books.

This is the result – my TBR piles and shelves:

TBR shelf 1

TBR shelf 1

TBR shelf 2

TBR shelf 2

TBR shelf 3

TBR shelf 4

TBR shelf 4

What you can’t see, in those photos, is the pile of books behind the pile on shelf 2. Or the five or so books sent home from ARRC last month that are still in my car. And we won’t talk about the box of old Mills and Boons (acquired for thesis research) that have been in the boot of my car for months, or the stacks of them behind the stacks of read books on the bookshelves.

Now, I know I’m not as bad addicted dedicated to reading and books as some people. However, I did a count last night, and there’s about 105 books (not counting the M&Bs) that are waiting to be read.

I’m definitely going to have to make time to curl up and read some more 🙂 Oh, and maybe not buy any many books for a while!

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookaholic

  1. For some reason, I’m having a similar problem (although I don’t have anywhere near as many books to read). I rarely have more than a library bag’s worth of books to read, but after ARRC, I’ve been buying and borrowing books like a maniac.

  2. And to think that I didn’t use to have a TBR pile!

    It was, I bought a book, I read it that evening (sleep? who needs it?)

    Now… well, I am afraid of counting them.

  3. Kat, I usually end up buying books at/after conferences, too – mostly because I meet authors, and want to read their books. I bought Luke Devenish’s Den of Wolves because I’d met him on the romantic suspense panel at ARRC.

    Azteclady, I used to be like that, too – buy a book, dive straight into it the moment I got home (or before, if possible) and not emerge until the book was finished! I’d like to be like that, still – I’ll have to try to get back into the habit!

    Theresa – I don’t have a big enough closet 🙂 I have to cull my shelves now and then. I send books on to my mother and my niece, and I donate books to the library. I’m really starting to lean towards e-books for some of my reading – the moment they sort out the device and format issues, I’ll be buying a whole lot more in e-book format.

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