I’ve been flat out the past couple of weeks, with revisions for book 2 and the teaching I’m doing at uni this semester, so the blog has been quiet – but I’m snatching a few minutes to pop in here and share a couple of new covers!

First up, the smaller (‘B’) format paperback cover for As Darkness Falls, which will be coming out in Australia in April. My publishers like to make a few changes to differentiate the trade paperback from the B format – rather than just shrink the original – so here it is:

As Darkness Falls (B format cover)

As Darkness Falls (B format cover)

And this is the beautiful cover for book 2 – which is now officially titled Dark Country:

Dark Country (trade paperback cover)

Dark Country (trade paperback cover)

I’m very happy with it – it captures the mood of the book well, I think. There might still be a few tweaks to it, but this is pretty close to final.

Dark Country will be out in Australia in September this year – but there’ll be a preview in the April edition of As Darkness Falls, as chapter 1 is included in the back of that.

And now, I’d better get back to the revisions, because they’re due in on Tuesday!

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  1. I didn’t read the text when I looked at the images and thought that As Darkness Falls was being retitled for the US and immediately thought, “The woman on the cover looks like what I thought Kris would look like.”

  2. Kat, she is a good image for Kris, isn’t she? The hair’s not right, but other than that she’s pretty close to how I imagined her, too. The cover artist did try to redden her hair, but apparently it really didn’t work with the rest of the cover and her skin tone. So, we’re going with the better overall image, rather than an actual rendering of the character, because the main point of the cover is to capture attention on the shelf – and I think this one might do that well ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh man, Bron, that’s so cool!!!

    I really really like the title, by the way.

    Any news on publishing on this side of the pond? ๐Ÿ™

  4. I’m all the more impressed with the Dark Country cover knowing you took that picture yourself!

  5. Very nice covers Bron! Love the stormy sky in the background of Dark Country, matches the stormy expression on the model’s face.

  6. Thanks, azteclady, Laura, Pam and Kirralee! I’m so pleased you all like the Dark Country cover.

    Pam, it’s quite a buzz for me, seeing my stormy tree photo on the cover! I sent a few photos via my publisher to the cover designer, just to give her a sense of the setting, not expecting any of them to actually be used – but she picked that one to work with, and I think she’s done a fantastic job, incorporating it into the overall design.

    azteclady – still no US publisher, although I’m not giving up hope yet! As Darkness Falls will be out in paperback in the UK in September, though, and it should be available then through, who don’t charge for overseas shipping – so that will be more affordable! I think Dark Country will be published in the UK in April next year.

  7. Oh wow Bronywn what a beautiful cover. It’s fitting you have eye catching covers. Your image presentations are always first class, like your writing. I’ll line up come September for another top read. —– Thank you in advance. —– Eric

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  9. Love it, Bron!
    That balance with the colours and font sizing is definitely eyecatching and evocative.
    I have fingermarks on my screen trying to pick it up!
    Can’t wait for September!

  10. I saw the B format and trade paperback (is that considered C format?) at Dymocks and noticed that the printing on the spine for each of the larger books is a slightly different colour. In the end, I couldn’t decide which one to get (size or colour). Is it weird to dither over the colour of the printing on the spine?

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