Second edition

My first copy of the B-format paperback of As Darkness Falls arrived a day or so ago. It’s beautiful! Here are the two editions side by side, the trade pb and the B format:

The B format will be out on the shelves in April, so I’m looking forward to seeing it out and about! It’s quite a thrill having a second edition 🙂

The revisions for Dark Country are now finished, and in to Bernadette, my wonderful publisher, so now there’s just the copy edits to go in a few weeks, and the final proofs after that. I haven’t started writing book 3 yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it, and hope to start it soon.

After all the rush of the past couple of months – finishing the book, uni work, and the revisions, the worst of the pressure is now off. I’ve still got a fair amount of work to do for the uni course I’m teaching, but it’s doable. So, tomorrow, I’m planning to have a holiday! I’m going to do some weaving, and some knitting, and maybe read a book or watch a movie, or both. I might do a little tidying up, but I’m not going to stress about anything – the focus will be on relaxing and enjoying some fun activities. I think I can remember how 🙂

3 thoughts on “Second edition

  1. Pretty! That’s really cool, huge congrats, Bron–here’s to many more side by side editions of all your books!

    Now, go relax a bit, and catch your breath for the next round of madness, Bronwyn!

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