Simple pleasures

A day working at home today, the first in almost two weeks, filled with many small pleasures:

  • the spinebills on the red flowers of the pineapple sage outside the kitchen window – it flowers in autumn and through early winter, and the native birds love it;
  • knitting for twenty minutes in the sunshine on the front veranda, blue fairy wrens darting in amongst nearby bushes, and a large lizard, enjoying the sunshine, watching me from just 6 feet away;
  • chai tea in my favourite pottery mug, with a piece of chocolate fudge;
  • a kangaroo and a wallaby, grazing in the late afternoon between the house and the small dam, while I watched from the sunroom while treadmilling;
  • hanging out towels and sheets on the washing line in the sunshine – and bringing them in, with the fresh,warm sun-smell still on them;
  • walking the dogs at sunset, kangaroos in the paddock, small birds settling for the night; several kookaburras laughing in the distance.
Sunset in the west paddock

Sunset in the west paddock

(And I still have dinner of atlantic salmon with honey & mustard dressing and steamed greens to look forward to, plus (I hope) finishing the last 6 rows of the beautiful lace shawl I’m knitting this evening.)

6 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. I didn’t know you were a knitter! Are you on yet? It’s addictive!

    I am still fairly new to knitting. I’ve made scarves and socks, and now I’m tackling my first sweater. But I’m fascinated by lace, so my next project will probably be something lacey!

    Please post pictures of your shawl!

  2. Bronwyn
    Sounds like the perfect day for me. I do love to knit but haven’t done any for a long while I never seem to be able to get the books out of my hands LOL

    Have Fun

  3. Jenn, thanks for letting me know about that list! You know, I glanced at it the other day, and didn’t see my blog listed – but I also wasn’t expecting it to be there, which is why I only gave it a quick scan! I’m kind of surprised I made it into the top 100 – but now I’m there, I’ll have to keep working towards making it to 50!

    Azteclady, I do find country life good for the soul – especially when I let myself be in the moment. There’s so much beauty and life around here, and I love it all. (Well, maybe except for walking face-first into spiders’ webs…)

    Laura – yes, I’m on Ravelry. Can we say addicted? What’s your Rav name? I’m twistedandwarped – which harks back to my spinning and weaving days (rather than describing my personality!) I do have a separate textile blog (, which is mostly knitting these days but the occasional bit of weaving.

    Helen, one of the reasons why I’m turning to e-books is so that I can read and knit at the same time – love being able to do that! Of course, I can’t knit anything especially complicated while reading, but I can make a lot of progress on straight-forward patterns, and it’s great, in my busy life, being able to do two things I enjoy at the same time.

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