Afternoon Light

It’s been a very busy few days, racing to meet my deadline to finish the copy edits on Dark Country, and preparing teaching materials, a lecture, and marking assignments in my uni job.

Yesterday afternoon, though, on my way home from town, I decided to take the ‘scenic’ route home. This is a dirt road, that leaves the main road about 10 kilometres before our turn-off, and wanders in a big, curvy loop through farmland before meeting up with our road, about 5 kms down from our place. It takes, probably, about an extra 10 minutes longer to go that way.

The late afternoon light slanted across the country, giving it a tinge of gold, the ducks were swimming in the river as I crossed the causeway, and pairs of rosellas and a flock of parakeets were pecking at the side of the road. I enjoyed the diversion; I haven’t travelled cholesterol lowering this way for a little while. I didn’t stop to take any photos, though, until I was almost home. This one is not far from our front gate, looking back along the way I’d come.

Late afternoon light

Late afternoon light

Now another day is done, my lecture and seminar are over for the week, the copy edits are finished and posted, and tomorrow I’ll work from home, marking assignments.

It’s time now to put the dogs out into the run, and head to bed – and we’re hoping that the mouse that’s been running around the house at night the last few nights keeping us awake will either be quiet, or get caught in the new mousetraps I bought today. It’s been merrily munching the bait off the other traps without setting them off for days, though, so we’re not holding out a lot of hope for the new ones!

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Light

  1. What a lovely picture, and what a lovely way to return home.

    (I’m not going to comment on the poor mouse’s fate… I’m a bleeding heart and would do my best to get it out unharmed–and then finding how it got in and barring the way forever 😉 )

  2. Oh, I’m definitely a bleeding heart, too. I find it very hard to kill things – even spiders and ants, and avoid it when I can. If I have to, I do it as humanely as possible (hate sprays and poisons, ‘cos they’re not instant). There’s various places this little mouse could have gotten in, though – including under most of our external doors – and we won’t have time to fix them all in the next couple of weeks. Although it’s on my to-do list – because if mouses can get in, so can snakes in summer….

    Anyway, mouse has still evaded the traps, and we haven’t heard it the last couple of nights, so maybe it’s found it’s way out and is running merrily through the paddocks….

  3. Just me saying a HUGE thank you. I received my prize pack in the mail yesterday and what a treat; so much more than I expected. (You clever thing – I gather you made the bookmark. I love it). I look forward to reading (and re-reading).

    I actually passed you info to a woman in USA who has been asking Q’s on RWA about Australain dialogue etc. I told her to get her hands on ADF to get a real taste of Australia and Australian characters.
    Of to nibble choccie now LOL

  4. Jenn, Thanks for letting me know it arrived safely. Enjoy the contents 🙂 (Is there any choccie left now?)

    Thanks for recommending the book to the US lady – I saw her posts on the RWAus list, and responded to one of them, and I’ve friended her on Facebook.

    Yes, I wove the bookmark. Something I enjoy doing in all that spare time I have!!

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