UK Cover for As Darkness Falls

The UK edition of As Darkness Falls will be published in September, and the cover is now up on various online bookstores. It’s quite different from the Australian cover, but very striking nonetheless:

As Darkness Falls (UK Cover)

As Darkness Falls (UK Cover)

I find it interesting how different countries approach book covers, each taking a style that reflects the different readerships and the way in which the publishers are targetting the market. As I understand it, romantic suspense isn’t as big in the UK as it is elsewhere, so they’ve taken more of a thriller approach, without the emphasis of the Australian setting on the cover, which was a key element of the Australian cover. I really like both covers – the Australian, and the UK. The UK one, while it isn’t Australian, is very atmospheric. Here’s hoping UK readers will be tempted to pick the book off the shelf… and read on!

For my friends overseas, the book is now listed as available for pre-order at The Book Depository. I use The Book Depository a lot – they don’t charge shipping, and have good prices and fast service. There’s only 84 days to go until UK release date – 4 September.

5 thoughts on “UK Cover for As Darkness Falls

  1. Bronwyn, I like; it leaves quite a good feel to feed for your beautiful novel. I hope sales over there go gangbusters like here. — I think I’m still totally in love with my copy. I still wonder who the lady on the cover actually is. —- Eric

  2. How exciting. Love the thriller tag on the cover and stunning imagery. (But for me – an Aussie – I’m afraid nothing beats that sunburnt country feel.) All the best with it.

  3. Eric, Christine and Jenn – I’m so pleased that you like it, too! Hopefully UK readers will, to!

    Eric, the photos of women on both As Darkness Falls and Dark Country covers come from stock photo libraries, so I don’t know who they are. I hope they don’t mind being connected with my books 🙂

    (But the tree photo on Dark Country is actually one of my photos – it’s still quite a buzz to see it on my book cover!)

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