Brisbane Writers Festival – September

The Brisbane Writers Festival program has now been published, and I’m thrilled to announce that I will be involved in two events during the Festival:

On September 10, I’ll be part of an author panel, ‘Romancing the Tone’ with wonderful historical romance authors Anna Campbell and Christine Wells.

On September 11, I’ll be leading a workshop on Romantic Intimacy for the Modern Reader. The workshop description is:
Love and lust, hopes and fears, vulnerabilities and strengths – this workshop explores, through practical writing exercises, your characters’ journey into a loving relationship. We’ll examine the different types and stages of attraction, emotional and physical intimacy and how these can be woven into a rich, compelling story.

There’s a full program of great events and workshops for the Festival, so if you’re in the Brisbane area, or planning to visit during Festival time, have a look at the website. Bookings are essential for most events, and some will fill up fast, so early booking is recommended.

I’m looking forward to participating in the Writers Festival. All in all, there’s a busy and exciting couple of months ahead, with the Academic Conference on Popular Romance and the Romance Writers Conference in August, and the release of Dark Country and the Brisbane Writers Festival in September. I’ve also just booked a few days in Melbourne in late August, where I’ll go to the Sisters in Crime Davitt Awards dinner, and also take the opportunity to attend a couple of events at the Melbourne Writers Festival. It’s not an ‘official’ trip – I’ll just be one of the ‘public’ at the MWF – but it will be pleasant to have a few days in Melbourne and to meet some of the Sisters in Crime members.

3 thoughts on “Brisbane Writers Festival – September

  1. Bronwyn, A busy lady/time of year. I wish you every (and much) success. — Do you intend having a book launch(s) (for unimportant, keen reading, members of the public to attend with money in their pocket) for ‘Dark Country’? —- Anywhere north of (say) Tamworth, east of Bourke and (perhaps) south of Bundaberg. —– Eric

  2. Hi Eric,
    No plans yet for a book launch – the August conferences are a bit early, and the Writer’s Festival a bit late. There’s a slight possibility we may do something informal here, but nothing definite yet. I’ll let you know if it happens!


  3. Thank you Bronwyn, I guess I could boldly waltz up, at the writer festival, with a novel under my arm and a pen in my pocket. — But that’s not quite like being handed a novel with a signature already waiting. —- Eric

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