Dark Country has arrived

It’s still a few weeks before it will hit the shops, but I received yesterday my first copy of Dark Country – and it’s beautiful!

Dark Country

I have to say, that seeing one’s second book is almost as wonderful as seeing the first!

The whole cover is quite beautiful, and I am particularly excited about it because the cover designer used one of my own photos as part of the design – a tree on a nearby road, highlighted by sunshine, but with a dark anti fungal bank of storm clouds behind it. This is the whole cover:

Full cover of Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry

I haven’t received all my author copies yet, but I will be announcing a give-away some time in the not-too-distant future, before the book’s official release on September 1. And those attending the Romance Writers of Australia conference next week will have the chance to bid on one in the silent auction in aid of breast cancer research, as my publisher has kindly donated two copies for that purpose.

7 thoughts on “Dark Country has arrived

  1. Oh man, I just got the chills! (((Bronwyn))) How cool is that? Your book and they used your picture in the cover.

    Huge congrats, Bronwyn!

    *waiting impatiently*

  2. Thanks, Theresa, Eleni, Eric, and AL! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s lovely – ‘cos I could be just a tad biased!

  3. I am in awe – writer, photographer, handy with a needle and tread, weaves bookmarks like she weaves tales. This IS great. Awesome!

  4. Thanks, Jenn! One of the advantages of digital photography, though, is that you can snap a gazillion shots and sometimes a couple of them turn out okay 🙂 It also helps having impressive landscapes around – plus I have a small camera that goes with me almost everywhere, so it’s easy to snap a shot whenever I see something that might frame up okay.

    But yes, it is a thrill to see my photo on the cover! When the designer first started working on the cover, I sent the publisher a number of photos just to give the designer an idea for the type of landscape I had in mind. It was quite a surprise when the designer actually used one – and I think she’s done a fantastic job, integrating all the elements into a beautiful and atmospheric design.

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