Favourite Australian Novels

There’s currently two opportunities for readers to have their say about their favourite Australian novels – and both also have the chance of prizes for those who nominate books.

Over at the ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club website, to celebrate the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, they’re giving you the opportunity to nominate your Favourite Australian Novel of 2008. For those who enter, there’s a chance to win all of the books shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s prize.

It will be interesting to see what books are nominated and selected in this ‘people’s choice’ survey, and how they compare to the literary works shortlisted for the PM’s prize. (The books shortlisted are: The Pages, Murray Bail; People of the Book, Geraldine Brooks; Wanting, Richard Flanagan; Everything I Knew, Peter Goldsworthy; One Foot Wrong, Sofie Laguna; The Boat, Nam Le; and The Good Parents, Joan London.)

(NB: As Darkness Falls was published in 2008, so if by chance it was your favourite Australian book last year, please feel free to nominate it 🙂 )

The second poll and contest is being run by the Australian Book Review, and they’re asking for readers to nominate their favourite Australian novel. The blog post announcing the poll notes that, although there have been several previous polls/surveys to find the favourite book of Australians, past ones haven’t been limited to novels, or to Australian works. So this one is specifically focused on Australian novels. For those who enter this poll, there’s a chance to win several prizes including a complete set of popular Penguins.

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