New beginnings

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2010 – and we’re already well into the second week of the new year. ‘Two-thousand and ten’ or ‘twenty-ten’? I’m not sure which is going to be what I’ll say – out of habit, I’m still doing the ‘two-thousand and ten’, but ‘twenty-ten’ is two syllables shorter 😉

I hope everyone had a joyful Christmas season, and that 2010 will shape up to be a wonderful year for you all.

The year isn’t my only new beginning lately. I’ve been working on book 3… but I was struggling. I was behind after the medical dramas, it took some weeks to get my concentration back to normal – and then the book still wasn’t working, every word and scene a battle. On December 28 or thereabouts, as I was thinking about the book, the thought occurred to me… ‘what if I changed it?’ On December 29, at around 1pm, I opened a brand new Word document, and started all over again. Same premise, same characters, but a different beginning, leading to some key differences in the plot.

Sometimes, you have to know when to start again. Tough as it was to throw out a heap of work (okay, it’s saved on the computer, just ‘thrown out’ in my mind), the structure of the story simply wasn’t going to work as it was. It’s now much better, much stronger. The heroine – a new character to Dungirri – is active from page 1, and in danger from about page 6, which is a good way to start a story! I’ve also found a better way of dealing with some of the challenges of this book; the hero, Mark, was a secondary character in the previous two books, and is – or rather, was – a politician. Yes, I know – making a (former) politician heroic is a tough ask! I do like Mark as a character, though – I’ve always seen him as a man of integrity, dedicated to serving his community, and with many layers beneath the courteous surface. The new structure sees him introduced in the book in chapter 2, but as a hard-working grazier, out in the paddocks, rather than in any political role. We see him, too, through the heroine’s eyes, and she doesn’t know him, so she sees him as he is, the man behind the public face.

I’m so much happier with the story now, and on the right track with it. However, it’s due in at the end of February – so things are going to be quiet around here for the next two months, while I take inspiration from Nora Roberts’ hard working example and discipline myself to write, write, write!

Sometimes a writer’s just got to do what a writer’s got to do….

8 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Hi Bron,

    I had to do that with Blue Skies. My two main characters, suddenly became sub-plot ones and not at all important – not through my doing! It was their’s! Although I still could change it slightly, there comes a time (mainly at publication!) that you can’t change it any more and you just have to be happy… But I think we all would still change our books slightly, as they go to print, wouldn’t we?!

    Can’t wait to read about Mark!

    Are you happy with your progress now?


  2. Oh I’m so glad you posted (the worrywart in me was debating whether to send a rescue team…)

    And even gladder you are feeling better with the story now.

    We’ll hold the fort for you, go, write–don’t worry!

  3. Good luck with the rest of the book. I got myself overwrought once, 30k in and it just wouldn’t come together. So it lies in a file all on its own and I restarted and simply flew along. Good to see you are better and able to get on with things.

  4. Hi Fleur! That’s a major change, making main characters secondary! Yes, there’s always things that could be changed, but I’m getting reasonably good at ‘letting go’ of a book. I’m much happier with book 3 now that it has a more solid foundation – those opening chapters are so important in getting it right.

    Azteclady, anytime you and issek want to come to Australia to ‘rescue’ me, feel free!! Sorry I worried you – I kept meaning to post, but it just didn’t happen. I’m trying to keep my concentration on the book. Not that it always works! (We won’t mention the shawl that I just designed… that was ‘feeding creativity’. Really. Hmm.) (BTW, are you on Ravelry??)

    Phillipa, I hope I ‘fly along’ now I’ve restarted – it’s certainly going faster now than the previous version… just not quite fast enough. Yet. Just as well I find deadlines motivating. Mostly. I am not planning to see how much I can write in the last week, though!!

  5. I cannot wait for this book! I loved Mark in the other two books, and was hoping and praying he’d get his own story.

    It’s so easy to write yourself into a corner, and it takes a lot of courage to start over. I know this book will be great!

  6. Oh don’t I wish…! But there will be much penny saving before I can indulge on such a trip (it’s on the book, though–one of the things I must do. Soon)

    I am not on Ravelry, no. A couple of times I tried to register but something happened…

    (Okay, now I am on Ravelry… *gulp* intimidating place, ain’t it?)

  7. Glad to see you on Ravelry, azteclady! I found you, and friended you, although you might not recognise the disguise! It’s not intimidating once you find your way around – just join groups that interest you, friend people whose work you’re interested in following, and enjoying looking at all the patterns, yarns and projects. I love to see the pattern project pages, and all the different ways people make the same pattern. Have I mentioned it’s addictive??? (Oops, sorry 🙂 )

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