Short story published

Australian readers who would like another glimpse of Dungirri might enjoy my short story, ‘Letters to Ruth’, published in this week’s (Australian) Woman’s Day magazine – my first published short story!

I enjoyed writing it; it gave me the opportunity to bring to life a couple of characters from Dungirri’s past, and to give readers a peek at Alec and Bella from As Darkness Falls, after that book closes.

Unfortunately it’s not available online, but I hope local readers will pick up the magazine and enjoy the story!

10 thoughts on “Short story published

  1. Bron, it’s beautiful! I had to buy one and now I’ve left it at the hospital with MUm with strict instructions to share it with the nurses.

  2. Thanks, Eleni! I’m still quite excited about it 🙂

    Azteclady, one day, when rights have reverted, I’ll put it up online – I’m not sure when that will be, though.

    • Thanks, Fleur! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! The idea seemed to suit the short story structure, and I enjoyed spending a little time with those characters again!

  3. Hi Bronwyn, just wanted to say thank you for the great short story and also for recommending Helene Young’s book border watch. I purchased it yesterday and finished today, same as yours. Still haven’t beaten my neighbour who read your book in one day, and she is now waiting for me to get home on friday so she can read Helene’s book. Look forward to Sept and the release of your third book.

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