Watch out for…

There’s some great books coming out in March! First up, in good news for my overseas readers, the UK edition of Dark Country is officially released on 4th March. It’s available from the Book Depository – in a weird Book Depository thing, you can pre-order it from at the current special price of $6.66 (AUD), or you can pre-order from for $10.31 (AUD). I know, it doesn’t make sense, but neither place charges shipping so either way it’s a great deal. (Of course, I have no idea how they actually make any money…)

If Australian readers have already read Dark Country, then keep an eye out for Helene Young’s Border Watch, which will be released here in March. I’ve been lucky enough to read a proof copy of this, and it’s a great read – suspense, romance, planes, and the far North Queensland land & seascapes. Congratulations, Helene, on a fantastic debut novel!

Back in 2008, when I went to the RWAmerica conference in San Francisco, I had the absolute arthritis pleasure of meeting writer and knitter Rachael Herron. Rachael took me and a couple of other knitting writers around some SF yarn shops, and a great day was had by all of us. A day or so later, at the conference itself, I bumped into Rachael in the coffee queue, and so we sat together and had a great chat before she headed off for a pitch appointment with an editor. Now, I can’t remember which editor she pitched to then, but not long afterwards a very sensible one offered her a publishing contract – and Rachael’s first book will be published in March, in both the US and here in Australia. However, in one of those quirks of publishing and marketing, in the US it’s titled ‘How to Knit a Love Song’ – and in Australia it’s called ‘Eliza’s Gift’.

So, there you going – some great reading for March!

(And there’s more coming up in April, but I’ll leave that for another post…)

6 thoughts on “Watch out for…

  1. How lovely that both of our books are in your blog post as if they are friends, just as we are. I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on Dark Country which is winging its way to me right now! And Border Watch looks great — thanks for the tip.

  2. Of course our books are friends 🙂 And since Dark Country comes out here in B format paperback next month, they may even be on the New Releases shelves together 🙂

    I pre-ordered How to Knit a Love Song before I knew it was coming out in Australia, so it may be winging its way to me very soon! But I’ll be buying Eliza’s Gift, too, so I’ll have a copy of each edition 🙂 I am so looking forward to reading it!

  3. Bron, thanks for the lovely mention. Your German cover looks very eery and so different to the Aussie cover!

    Phillipa, so glad you enjoyed BW – can’t wait for The Book of Love!

    Rachael congrats on your latest release – I’ll have to track it down in Australia

  4. Congratulations to everyone on their new releases. I will be ordering them from Book Depsoitory. Maybe Book Depsoitory gets a deal on the shipping or they do enough volume but I love them because I can get books by Australian and British authors that I can’t get anywhere else.

  5. Now I’m just grumpy.

    I made the mistake of ordering Border Watch online, and IT STILL ISN’T HERE!!!!

    How come Book Depository can deliver from the UK in four days, and Australia Post takes more than a week to get something from Sydney to Canberra?!

    I guess I could buy another copy – I have two each of As Darkness Falls and Dark Country because I have a tendency to reread and reread until my books fall apart.

    We need more Australian romantic suspense authors. I love the genre, but it’s hard to find Australians who write it!!

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