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I’m still working away on First Light, the third in the loosely-linked Dungirri series. However, given my health dramas, and the timeframes required by publishing, after discussions with my publisher and my agent, we have made the decision to reschedule the publication date from September this year to April, 2011.

I know that’s going to be a little disappointing for some of you wonderful readers, but we felt that a good book, published a little later, was far, far better than a rushed book published earlier. And, since I have to have another medical procedure in late March, it does save us all from the risk of trying to fit revisions and copy-edits around recovery time! Hopefully the procedure will go wonderfully well and only involve a couple of nights in hospital, and I’ll be able to get right back into polishing First Light, but there is a risk of complications, so, while I’m a little disappointed about the publishing delay, I’m also relieved, too, as it lifts most of the pressure and stress.

Once First Light is finished and in, I’ll be able to get going on the next series! I’m currently not letting myself think too much about it, because I don’t want to get distracted from Dungirri, but the fun of creating a new community and new characters will I hope lessen the sadness of saying farewell to Dungirri. But before I leap into the new series, I might just polish up a couple of Dungirri short story ideas that have been floating in my head for a while – and perhaps those will make the wait for First Light a little easier!

10 thoughts on “First Light news

  1. Anything about Dungirri will make the wait a lot less painful! Hope it all goes well for you Bron and you’re back on deck without any dramas. 🙂

  2. I hope things go well in March for you, Bron. As for delaying your first book…nothing warms my heart as a reader more than an author willing to take the time to make a book the best it can be. Take care!

  3. While I really really don’t want to wait, I’d rather you take your time and be happy with it.

    Here’s hoping you feel better every day!

  4. Oh no!

    I hope you’re okay, and I can understand why the date needs to be changed.

    But I am currently rereading the first two books, and only last night I was telling someone how I couldn’t wait for the next book in September! I suppose I’ll be rereading more than once now!

    Short stories would be great. Where would they be? In a magazine like the last one?

  5. Hi Bronwyn while I am disappointed and have been waiting for the next one, I hope all goes well and really the less stress the better to recover. I have to thank you for recommending Border Watch loved it! And re reading the previous two will make sure I am up to date when the last one comes out.

  6. Hey Bron,

    The anticipation can only heighten with a wait, and make the joy of reading all the better!

    Take care of you and let the readers worry about themselves!!

    Warmest regards,

  7. Thank you, all – Karly, Fleur, Kat, azteclady, Zosia, Zelda and Amanda – for your good wishes and understanding. I’ll try to make First Light a great book, and worth the extra wait!

  8. Bron, have been popping onto your blog from time to time and wanted to pass on my hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery. You have been amazingly stoic and reserved about all that you have been going through and perhaps this is the secret to your lovely, engaging characters. Sorry not to have contacted you since conference last year but Amanda has kept me in the loop. You will be pleased to know however that I have aided and abetted the disappearance of your books from shelves in far north Queensland. I have my whole extended family enjoying your stories and will tell them all to wait patiently until next year – just in time for Easter! Keep your chin up Bron and good luck over the coming months. Cheers, Shannean (in sunny windy Cairns)

  9. Shannean, many thanks for your good wishes – and for aiding and abetting book sales! I haven’t checked Easter dates for next year, but if the April 1 release date is after Easter, it’s still in good time for Mother’s Day!

    I’m glad the worst of the cyclone passed you by!

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