Here I am in Sydney again – so different to the peace and quiet of home in the bush, but vibrant and fun in small doses! I flew in at lunchtime, caught a cab to the serviced apartment we booked, and then after doing some medical paperwork, I headed into the city centre and had afternoon tea with my wonderful publisher, Bernadette.

Then a browse amongst the shops for a while, before coming back to the apartment to wait for Gordon, who arrived on a later flight. We’ll go foraging for some dinner when he gets here – Newtown has plenty of cafes to choose from!

Tomorrow I’ll be walking across the road to the hospital for a test procedure on my aneurism – I expect to stay overnight, but fingers crossed we’ll avoid complications this time! I’m hoping to be out Thursday, so will update the blog sometime after that. The only Internet connection at the moment is my iPhone, so it’s a bit awkward typing 😉

Thanks to everyone for the many congrats and messages about my RITA final – yes, I’m still grinning!

6 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Hi Bron,
    Hope you were talking about your next book with Bernadette!! (Can’t wait LOL)
    All the best with the op! Thinking of you!
    Fee xx

  2. Hope the foraging went well and dinner was fun – restaurants in Sydney always turn up something unexpected…

    Thoughts and best wishes are with you for tomorrow. Hopefully catch up next week!


  3. Hi Bronwyn

    Hope all went well at the hospital. I’m sending happy and healing thoughts your way.

    Take care. All the best.


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