Treasure Hunt giveaway!

Over the past few months, I and three other authors of novels set in the Australian outback have got together online to do some promotion. While we each have different writing styles, our books probably appeal to a similar audience, as they’re set in various parts of regional Australia that we each know well, and all contain romantic elements and often suspense elements, too. And since many of our readers read books much faster than we can write them, it’s good to be able to suggest other books that might appeal!

The four of us – Fleur McDonald, Helene Young, Fiona Palmer, and I – now have a FaceBook page: Australian Outback Romances and Mysteries. If you’re on FaceBook, please visit and say hello, and become a fan of our page, so that you can keep up with the news from all four of us.

I mentioned Helene’s new release, Border Watch, a couple of posts ago – and Fleur has a new book out in April, Blue Skies. So, to celebrate Fleur’s and Helene’s new releases, we’re running a Treasure Hunt Giveaway.

We’re giving away a collection of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR signed books to one lucky winner! The books are:
• Blue Skies, by Fleur McDonald
• Border Watch, by Helene Young
• The Family Farm, by Fiona Palmer
• Dark Country, by Bronwyn Parry

Two runners up will each receive a signed book; the first runner-up can choose one book from the four, and the second runner-up can choose one book from the remaining three.

So, how do you enter? It’s a treasure hunt, so you need to find the answers to four questions – the answers can easily be found in the first chapters of each book, which you can find by clicking on the link on the book title. The four questions are:

1. In Fleur McDonald’s Blue Skies, who was with Amanda, when she heard the terrible news?

2. In Helene Young’s Border Watch, what is the name of the snack bar caretaker who greets Morgan and Sam when they are out for their early morning run?

3. In Fiona Palmer’s The Family Farm, what did Izzy’s mum have in her gold locket that hung around her neck?

4. In Bronwyn Parry’s Dark Country, what did Kris put into the boot (trunk) of Gil’s car?

When you’ve found all four answers, come back to this post, and submit your entry. Entries close at midnight on Friday, March 26th, Eastern Australian time (about 9am Friday morning, US Eastern time). We’ll draw the winner and two runners-up from the correct entries.

Wherever you live on the planet, as long as there’s a postal service, you’re eligible to enter – but please, to keep it fair, only one entry per person!

The form requires your email address, but we do respect your privacy and we will not publish, sell, giveaway, or do anything annoying with your email address – we’ll use if only for notifying winners.

Thanks for playing along with us – good luck in the draw!

Edited 27 March: This contest is now closed.

3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt giveaway!

  1. Ooh, homework!

    I’m trying to get 40 000 words typed in the next four days (I believe that’s impossible, but coffee and optimism are going to help me try), but I’m going to fit an entry in.

    My problem is that if I came second or third I’d feel like I’m insulting the other writers by not choosing their book!

    I guess I could choose the one author whose books I don’t already have…

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. I have to enter first!!

  2. 40,000 words typed in four days? You’re going to need coffee. And probably chocolate 🙂

    If you’re one of the runners-up, we all promise not to be offended if you don’t choose our book! We’re an understanding bunch 🙂

  3. A very understanding bunch – we’ll just assume you have the other books already!!

    And, yes, 40,000 words in four days would defeat my fingers even with coffee 😉

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