ARRA Awards Night

The Australian Romance Readers Awards dinner last night was a wonderful night – beautiful venue, great food, fantastic company, smooth organisation – I had a fantastic time!

And to top it all, I came away with this:

ARRA Award - Dark Country - Favourite Romantic Suspense 2009

A huge thank you to the ARRA members who voted for Dark Country, to the ARRA committee who organised the awards, the award sponsors, and to everyone who was there to share a special night with!

18 thoughts on “ARRA Awards Night

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Bron!!!!! That’s a beautiful trophy- you must be floating right now!!! What a well deserved win. I just love that book. Yayyyyyy You!
    Karly. xxxx

  2. A beautiful statue for a talented author who wrote a fantastic book. Well done, Bronwyn. Looking forward to the next installment.
    And crossing fingers you you’ll soon have a Rita Award from Romance Writers of America award to keep this one company.

  3. You had to win – it wasn’t even a competition! Congratulations!

    It must be time for a reread.

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  5. How wonderful! And how deserved! And I can stand up and wave my hand in the air as I was part of the reader judges and I gave you full marks! So I helped and I am so glad.

  6. WOOOOHOOOO ! suspense .Le lo’real of love trophy. Very nice.Sooo bldy cold now bite’s ya toe’s.

    Congratulation’s to You, and Yours.

    Soooo loved it. Thankyou. cheer’s from me mates tooo(my copies are still circulating), recycling, .love to get it back it sometime soon to have a re-read. My friends, mother’s too, and their daughter’s and spouses etc. must cover my ground here. Bigara’s on my Map, 26th June sounds good n near for a shortest drive into the cold country.

    Enjoy yur ‘chillout’ time. Lucky student’s to have you. I may be bringing one up/ out of my 4 , as a novelist. Angus has always had a gift.He’s not stopped telling stories @ school yet, so 2 get him out of endless detention he informed them he studying to be a novelist comedy style. They laughed but he got a lot of detention.He’s so motivated.motivation mouth? I’d like him to be a chef of course, i can retire, smiling, and well fed. ah, luxuries of life. Thanks again. Cheers n beers n warm wine thick socks.

    Belinda xo

  7. Congratulations,well deserved award for engrossing book,best of luck for
    health and also U.S.A. Can’t wait for nextbook.Regards,Coralie.

  8. Thank you, so much, everyone – Karly, Becky, Helene, Tori, Eric, Valerie, Serena, Zosia, Susan, Azteclady, Sharon, Sally, Eleni, Belinda, Gavin & Coralie! – for your congratulations and enthusiasm for Dark Country!

    Karly and Valerie – yes, it is a beautifully statuette, and it’s now sitting on a shelf in the living room πŸ™‚

    Sally, thanks for the full marks! The ARRA awards are voted on, rather than judged, so maybe you judged for the RWA’s Romantic Book of the Year? Finalists aren’t announced until next week for that one πŸ™‚

    Belinda, I had to laugh at your son’s comedy novelist excuse! He obviously has a sharp imagination and wit πŸ™‚

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