Schwarze Dornen, the German edition of As Darkness Falls, translated by Carsten Mayer, is now available from Blanvalet, so a huge welcome to German readers!

Sadly, I have forgotten most of the German that I learned in High School, so I won’t mangle a fine language by attempting to use it – however, I have added a page for Schwarze Dornen, with the publisher’s description, and there is a link to download the first weight loss chapters from the Blanvalet website.

Although I haven’t (yet!) been to the German-speaking areas of Europe (other than a brief stopover in Vienna), I have met many wonderful German visitors while travelling in regional and outback Australia – so I do hope that German readers enjoy visiting Dungirri in the pages of Schwarze Dornen.

German edition of As Darkness Falls - Schwarze Dornen

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