RITA brunch

I had a lovely brunch today with fellow RITA finalist Kelly Hunter, her husband, and Gordon, in a sunny café in town. Good food, good company, lively conversation… and Gordon’s iPad, on which we all watched the Twitter feed for announcements about the Golden Heart and RITA finalists. Kelly and I may have forgotten to breathe occasionally, but it was a lovely way to experience the excitement, since neither of us could make it to Orlando. (And we didn’t have to put on high heels and makeup, or face conference chicken dinner…!) Technology is wonderful 🙂

Neither of us won our categories, but that’s okay – we had a lovely morning, and it’s such a huge honour just to final in the RITA’s!

I’d like to congratulate ALL the winners in the Golden Heart and RITAs – with a special shout-out to Laura Griffin, who won the RITA for the romantic suspense category, AND won our category in the Daphne du Maurier Award on Thursday; and an extra-big, happy-dancing shout-out to Australia’s own Kylie Griffin, who won a Golden Heart Award in the paranormal romance category for her manuscript, Bloodborn.

Huge congrats, Kylie! I couldn’t be happier for you!!

5 thoughts on “RITA brunch

  1. I was there and I was rooting for you, so while I congratulate the winner, I still wish it had been you.

    Also, start counting pennies too, so we can *crossing fingers* meet in New York next year!

  2. Sorry you didn’t win it but hugely happy that you were nominated – so very many (and then some) don’t even get a whif of a nomination. And as they say in the ‘resting’ profession: ‘There’s always next year, darlings!’

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  4. Hi, Bronwyn, I think there were several times I stopped breathing during the Awards – all coinciding with our Aussie nominees names and faces being plastered on the Jumbotron screens – they had to be about 10mx7m. Lots of positive vibes and crossed limbs etc. as envelopes were opened and names read out.

    I do know there were lots of comments about the number of Aussies nominated, and it was a proud moment in time to share that in the conversation with the Americans. Good opportunity to plug the RITA books. Love promoting our authors!!!

    Here’s to another excellent year for the 2011 RITA & GH nominations.

    Cant wait to meet up with you and say hi at conference – only 5 sleeps now!!!

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