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I love spending time with my sisters, and we don’t get to do it enough. My younger sister Andrea arrived yesterday, and for the first time in a long time we’re having a few days together where we can do what we want. We’ve had time together in Sydney several times a year for the past couple of years, but being together when I’m in hospital, or recovering from hospital, is not the same!

Last night the Scrabble board came out, and we had a couple of great games – especially the second one, which started with me picking up a 7 letter word, and included Andrea having two more during the course of the game – one on a triple word score!

This morning – once we’re properly up, moving, and organised! – we’re packing up the car and heading west for a couple of days. The book I’m currently writing is set in a fictional area, but inspired by mid-north-west NSW, so we’ re off to do some location research.

Yes, yes, I know that many women, having a few days away with their sister, would go find a beach, or a resort, or a spa, or even the city lights… but I’m dragging my sister off to small towns, National Parks, dirt roads, rugged bush, open plains, and probably nary a cocktail in sight. (Although I’m sure we’ll see plenty of cockatoos!)

We’re going to base ourselves in Inverell, and I’ve booked a cabin in a caravan park there for two nights. Inverell is only a couple of hours drive from here, but we’ll go a long way around, looping through some other small towns and wilderness areas on the way. Tomorrow we’ll probably do a day trip, heading further west, perhaps as far as Moree, and then north up towards the Queensland border, then back south again to Inverell.Travelling back on Friday, we’ll again take a longer loop, perhaps around through the Torrington State Conservation area.

I’m looking forward to the trip – but must go and get organised and pack some things, otherwise we’ll never get on the road! I’m taking the iPhone of course, so there may be some mobile blogging over the next few days; we should get phone reception fine in Inverell, but other places maybe not.

3 thoughts on “Location research

  1. Lots to look at that area Myall Creek Memorial,Bundarra,Tingha
    and Emmaville some places we have looked at on driving trips.
    We are always trying to go down a different road!
    Have a great time,can’t wait for next book.Coralie.

  2. Hi Bronwyn,

    You have been speaking about Inverell and Bingara. I was born in Bingara, and lived on a property near inverell. My last story was based near Bingara, with a fictional town Myal Creek. I used Bingara as a prompt to the small town in my novel. What a coincidence.

    I still have relo’s over there, aunty, uncle, cousins. It’s a lovely place.

    Suzanne 🙂

    All the best with your research. 🙂

    • Bingara is a lovely place, Suzanne! We drive over there a few times a year, and enjoy our visits. It has a more optimistic feel than some towns, and seems to be doing well. It seems to be popular with the grey nomads and fossickers, so they presumably bring some tourist dollars into the area!

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