A week later

Another bulletin from your on-the-spot reporter, Gordon.

Is it really a whole week (almost to the hour) since Bronwyn was wheeled from the operating theatre recovery room into the Intensive Care Unit. And, whoosh, tomorrow they’ll be throwing her out into the street.

Bronwyn’s recovery has now extended to her getting the laptop out this afternoon, going for visits to the hospital cafés, and chatting up the male medical staff. I think she may now also have done a small amount of knitting.

Bronwyn still tires quickly though, so we’ll not be getting up to much over the coming days just hanging around that part of Sydney near the hospital. Bronwyn has to return to the hospital on December 28th (tentative date) for her stitches to be removed (though I guess I could offer to do that with my Swiss Army knife if they get busy). Then we’re out of here.

There’s not much more to add. I’ve taken to wandering into the Sydney CBD during the hospital quiet periods – and it’s a mad place to be at this time of year. We expect some rain tomorrow so, hopefully, the temperature will be lower than today’s 31 degC (88 degF).

I expect Bronwyn will be in a position to be emailing and blogging tomorrow, so you’ll hear from Herself soon.

One thought on “A week later

  1. Thank you Gordon. Great news. —– I’m hoping the Christmas season brings happiness and prosperity to you both (plus good health, curly locks and great stories).

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