Bronwyn, an update

Hi all, Gordon here again. Thanks for the very many comments and emails – I’ve passed the good wishes on to Bronwyn.

My overall impression is that Bronwyn’s now on the upwards slope to recovery. While her eyes were closed a lot today, she wasn’t sleeping as much. The neuro-surgeon had advised that surgery such as that which Bronwyn underwent, will cause tiredness – and that it’s to be expected.

Bronwyn’s still in the Intensive Care Unit, and as such is still receiving a high level of nursing attention – this means very regular observations and measurements being made, and slightly less frequent blood test being undertaken.

Another sign that recovery is happening is that Bronwyn’s interested in eating again. I know it’s a tough choice though. To eat hospital food? Or to not eat at all? Bronwyn asked her sister Andrea to bring some chocolate in, so we know that Bron’s mind is focussing on those important things in life.

Additionally, I made a couple of cups of Chai Tea for Bron. She drank both cups and commented on how wonderful they were. I think she said that because they were so much better than hospital tea, and not just because I made them for her.

Bronwyn also asked for her knitting to be brought in. I can’t see her getting to that just yet though, as she still has a few too many cables and tubes attached to her arms and hands to make knitting a workable pass-time.

It’s still on the cards that she might be transferred to the “normal” neuro ward tomorrow.

That’s it for now – thanks again for the many emails and messages. Please accept this as my, and Bronwyn’s, thanks.

4 thoughts on “Bronwyn, an update

  1. So glad Bron is on the road to recovery…oh, she will enjoy that chocolate!! Thanks Gordon for all the updates, please give her my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. x

  2. Thanks Gordon for the updates on Browyn’s progress.So pleased to hear that everything is progressing well.Tell Browyn I”m thinking of her and wish her speedie recovery! Trish

  3. there ya go Gordon if she wants her knitting, shes on the mend lol.

    Wishing her well and that you both enjoy a wonderful xmas and may the new year bring bigger and better things for both of you.

    Hugs to Bronwyn.

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