Christmas Greetings & Gratitude

After almost exactly 2 weeks in hospital, I was discharged yesterday afternoon. We’ll be staying in Sydney for a few more days – on Wednesday morning, I’ll get the stitches in the side of my face out, and then we’ll drive back to Armidale that day in a hire car.

I’ve been back ‘online’ reading emails etc for a few days, but as I get tired very quickly I haven’t done much in the way of writing replies or blog posts or anything much! However, I do sincerely want to thank all my many friends, family, and well-wishers for all your support and encouragement during these past few weeks. Your cheerful emails have made me smile many times 🙂

I also want to acknowledge Gordon’s great care of me post-surgery and his dedication in making sure news was conveyed to all those wanting to know how I was doing. We recently celebrated 17 years together, and I certainly picked a great guy!

After I was discharged yesterday afternoon (Christmas Eve), we came back to the small apartment we’re renting for another few days, where I had a nap for an hour or so. Then we strolled (slowly!) down King Street Newtown, to an Italian restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times before. I had a delicious seafood pizza, and G had a mushroom one. The food – and the venue! – were definitely huge improvements on hospital:

Although I’m doing very well, I do tire easily, so for Christmas today we had a very quiet day. G had ordered some sour-dough bread and rolls from a bakery, which he picked up this morning. He’d bought camembert cheese, cold meats, and apple juice yesterday. The area we’re staying in is one of the older parts of Sydney, and a ten-minute stroll away is the old Camperdown Cemetery, one of the oldest since European settlement. So, we packed up a little picnic, and walked down there, to eat our lunch on the grass under the shade of a huge old Moreton Bay Fig Tree. I realise that it might seem strange to have Christmas lunch in a cemetery, but it’s a lovely, park-like space, with birds twittering around and we wanted somewhere peaceful and quiet within easy limping distance!

We’ve just now finished off our feasting for the day with some delicious, rich, chocolate gourmet icecream – yumm!

Seasons greetings to all my readers. Thank you for your ‘company’ during my surgery. And huge thanks to the many wonderful staff at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for their excellent care – of both body and spirit – during all my times there over the past 2.5 years. Dr Rodney Allan and his neuro team – Alex, Sebastian, Tom & Leisha; Mary & Jane – Nora and all the nursing staff in Ward 8 West 2 (including Jess, Lauren, Emer, Sue, Paul, Ridell, Neil, Jon and the whole team); Di and the wonderful Neuro ICU staff; Physio Chloe and OT Amy.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings & Gratitude

  1. It’s wonderful to have you back on line again.Your picnic lunch for Xmas sounds just like my partner and I did only we were at the beach to beat the heat over here in Perth! U Take care! Trish

  2. Bronwyn, it’s great to hear from you–here’s wishing you as easy a recovery as it’s possible. Keep on taking care of yourself, and let Gordon continue helping out there.

    May this upcoming year bring you more of everything you cherish!

  3. My first share house when I was studying at Sydney Uni was in Denison St, Newtown, in 1984. The cemetery was a couple of blocks away. We also treated it like a park – somewhere beautiful and shady to sit and talk. And the ‘seats’ came complete with little stories.
    Glad to hear you’re on the mend – see you round,

  4. Dear Bronwyn and Gordon, I am so pleased that all has gone according to plan at the hospital adn with oyur recovery so far. You and your family are still being held in prayer. I am most especially glad that you remain yourself, and that you have such a wonderful ‘nurse’in Gordon. Mike and I celebrated 16 years of marraige on the 24th. I am sorry that it took me awhile to respond, I keep forgetting about the availaility of ‘Blog’ and forgot to check your website. Much love and many blessings, “Sue of Kingston.”

  5. Hoping the rain/flooding and surgery has cooperated to have you see this as a welcome home message. Home is the best place I know to recover. — May the writing soon commence and flow with the same impact as water on the Cooper.

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